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Business Law

Harris Cook, LLP, helps clients start, build and protect their businesses. We provide guidance, advice and representation in areas including:

  • Business formation and entity creation (partnerships, LLCs, corporations, sole proprietorships)
  • Commercial and business litigation
  • Contract disputes
  • Partnership disputes
  • Transactional law and contracts
  • The protection of intellectual property
  • Mergers, acquisitions and the sale of businesses
  • Financial law
  • Employment matters

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If you need experienced counsel to help you safeguard your interests, talk to one of our attorneys. We represent a variety of businesses in Texas. Our offices are in Arlington, Mansfield and Flower Mound.

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Business Transactions

Business transactions comprise the heart of successful business operations and profit-making. The Business Law Attorneys at Harris Cook, LLP, understand that if your transactions are faulty, it could cost you more than just a headache. Your business reputation and future depend on your ability to make and keep contracts, create good relationships with sub-contractors and employees, and on the actions you take on many other elements that are part of your daily business routines.

Harris Cook, LLP

At Harris Cook, LLP, we work with owners of all types of Texas businesses, small to large, helping those owners and operators achieve success. No matter what your business structure is, you still need protection from liability, properly filed business documents, valid contracts and other legally binding matters handled by an experienced Business Law Attorney. When you have sound legal advice, you gain peace of mind that your business operations meet all local, state and federal requirements. No surprises will mean that you have a smoother operation, without unnecessary problems or expenses.

Harris Cook, LLP, Business Law Attorney

Our Harris Cook, LLP, Business Law Attorney understands the importance that details make when you are conducting business transactions. We can help you manage all types of transactions, including financial, real estate and insurance deals. For some companies, growth comes through beneficial mergers and acquisitions. These are more examples of times when you benefit from having our competent, honest and knowledgeable legal advice and representation to realize the best outcome.

Texas Business Transactions

Running a business in Texas means you must stay up-to-date with ever-changing laws and regulations. There may be a host of items you need to take care of, from employee relations that include creation of an employee handbook to shareholder agreements. Some businesses must meet environmental compliance regulations and transportation restrictions. Liability is another issue that must be a priority and this may include also consultation about financial and insurance matters.

Obviously, if you are involved in litigation over a business matter, your transactions will likely become part of that case. For all these reasons, it makes perfect sense to obtain competent legal advice and representation for all your business transactions. The Harris Cook, LLP, Business Law Attorney will work closely with you on all transactional matters, so you can relax and focus on running your business.

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Financial Law

Texas Financial Law exists to help protect businesses and consumers and to promote honest business services at all levels. If you are running any type of business, you are expected to comply with all applicable laws, from initial business formation to later activities such as mergers or the final sale of your business. At Harris Cook, LLP, our Financial Law Attorney can help you keep your business up-to-date with these ever-changing laws, so you can achieve proper compliance.

Harris Cook, LLP, Financial Law Attorney

When you consult with our Harris Cook, LLP, Financial Law Attorney, you will get a complete and thorough analysis of your needs along with guidance. Keeping your business protected in this way is efficient and cost-effective. We can help you at all stages of operations and with all areas of Texas Financial Law that apply to your business. Get the accurate legal advice, representation and strategy you need to make your business a wonderful success from Harris Cook, LLP.

Texas Financial Law

There are multiple stages of business operations where Texas Financial Law may apply to your company. Here are a few examples of times when you should consult with our experienced legal professionals:

  • Business Formation – Sole Proprietorship, Partnership, LLC, S-Corp, Corporation, Non-Profit
  • Real Estate – Buy/Sell/Lease of property or buildings, Ownership transfers, Mergers/Contracts.
  • Growth – Protection of Intellectual Property, Mergers, Acquisitions, Joint Ventures
  • Employees – Contracts, Handbooks, Hiring/Firing, Equal Rights
  • Financial – Banking, Funding, Insurance, Liability
  • Estate Planning – Business Succession or Transfer, Property/Asset Protection
  • Litigation – Complaints, Lawsuits, Protection of Intellectual Property, Copyrights/Patents

Texas Business Formation Attorney

Working with our Texas Business Formation Attorney will bring you confidence that you are getting honest, valuable information and legal advice. It is important to understand that Financial Law exists to protect both businesses and consumers. The goal is to avoid violations and to prevent illegal financial moves, such as insider trading, and money manipulation. Remember, these laws are designed to protect you, your business activities and the consumer market.

Several important areas of Financial Law that our Business Formation Attorney can help you understand and deal with include:

  • Securities Law – affects shares, bonds, stocks, money market instruments, futures, options, etc.
  • Corporate Law – includes company ethics, social responsibility, company behavior, financing, corporate boards
  • Antitrust and Competition Law – regulations by the Department of Justice and Federal Trade Commission

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Breach Of Contract

Contracts are an essential part of Texas business life; creating new ones, honoring existing ones and making modifications. Some contracts include penalties for breach of contract. When someone does not fulfill the promises they made in a contract, it is a breach of contract. A plaintiff has legal options regarding actions to enforce, alter, or end that contract. A defendant may offer various defense claims that relate to an alleged breach of contract. Our Harris Cook, LLP, Business Litigation Attorneys, can help you create satisfactory resolutions for the various legal issues you have that involve Texas contract laws.

Harris Cook, LLP, Business Formation Attorney

With any type of business, it is good to consult with the Harris Cook, LLP, Business Formation and Business Litigation Attorneys at all stages of operation. Start-ups need to create valid contracts to avoid future legal problems. Existing businesses usually will have an increasing amount of contract issues that are critically important to success. These include contracts with employees, vendors, other businesses and suppliers.

When contacts are not properly fulfilled, there can be financial damages and other legal issues to resolve. By keeping your business contracts under control, you reduce potential litigation and other legal problems that could harm your entire operation. Our Business Formation Attorneys can review your existing contracts and help you create new ones that are legal, valid and that work for your benefit.

Texas Contract Laws

Our Business Contract Attorneys at Harris Cook, LLP, have extensive knowledge of and experience with Texas Contract Laws. Just as each contract is unique, every fulfillment issue is different. Contracts must be valid to begin with and contain specific references to exactly what actions, products or services are included. Contracts must include an offer, acceptance of that offer and a value consideration made for that contract to be valid. If you omit any element, it may not withstand a challenge later on.

Breach Of Contract

When someone believes a contract has not been properly fulfilled, they can ask for compensation under Texas Breach of Contract laws. A breach simply means that the plaintiff alleges that the defendant failed to properly perform or fulfill the terms of a valid contract. To win your case, it must be shown that this breach caused material damage. A defense against breach of contract might include claims that the plaintiff did indeed benefit materially, or that the contract was not valid in the first place.

Penalties for Breach of Contract may include a court order for fulfillment according to contract terms, monetary compensation or reimbursement to the plaintiff for time losses and expenses, and future losses that could be attributed to the breach.

Our Harris Cook, LLP, Business Litigation attorneys can help you if your business has been sued for breach of contract, as well as helping you try to recover if another business has breached a contract and caused your business damages.

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Partnership Disputes

For many business owners, a legal Partnership is the best business structure for their needs. At Harris Cook, LLP, we work with many people who team up with others to create and run Texas businesses of all sizes under Partnership agreements. Occasionally, however, partnership disputes arise that require skilled legal assistance to resolve. Our experienced Business Formation and Business Litigation Attorneys know many ways to help business people find creative solutions to unique disputes that are causing problems within a partnership. Protecting your business is our primary goal, and we have helped many of clients resolve these internal disputes and move forward to success.

Harris Cook, LLP, Business Formation Attorney

An experienced Business Formation Attorney not only can help you create and run your business, they are skilled at creating solutions for problems that occur along the way to success. If you have a Partnership, you are working with one or more other people to establish and run a business successfully. When there are serious disagreements among the partners, it can harm the business operations. It is helpful to then make time for a consultation with our Harris Cook, LLP, Business Formation Attorney, and if needed, Business Litigation Attorney, to find acceptable solutions for those disputes.

Partnership Disputes

Partnership disputes may occur at any time and for any reason during the course of business operations. In the beginning, all partners should be in agreement about the business formation and goals. Unfortunately, during actual business operation, other elements can interfere with even the best business plans and cause problems for those partners and the business entity. Disputes can be about products, warranties, contracts, expansion efforts, investments or any of a number of other issues. When partnership disputes continue, it can harm or even end that business operation.

Texas Partnership Attorney

It makes perfect sense to work closely with our Texas Partnership Attorneys at every stage of your business operations, from start-up through expansion and beyond. The main reason is economics; with properly run businesses, legal problems are small and simple, costs are reduced and many problems can be completely avoided. Whenever there are partnership disputes, it costs everyone – time, money and emotional suffering, especially when those disputes cause termination of a relationship or the business. With sound legal advice, counsel and representation, many of those problems are reduced or eliminated.

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Resolving Business Disputes With Knowledge And Tact

 Business disputes can be stressful and complicated. Disputes over contracts form the core of much commercial and business litigation. Typically, these problems concern conflicts of opinion over contract formation and meaning, breach of contract and collection of payments. In some instances, these issues will be decided by a judge, others will be answered by a jury, and some may be settled out of court through mediated agreements.

Managing these issues can be time-consuming and expensive, and in some cases, the outcomes can make or break a business. That’s why you need Harris Cook, LLP, in your corner when it’s time to defend your interests or pursue a remedy when people have failed to hold up their end of the bargain.

Experienced With Complex Cases

Harris Cook, LLP, attorneys are experienced in the resolution of complex commercial and civil litigation, including cases that involve multiple parties. We have successfully represented a wide variety of business and individuals, both as plaintiffs and defendants.

There are multiple ways to approach any business dispute. In many situations, our development of the evidence and diligent preparation for trial leads to a settlement prior to trial. When we believe a court battle is necessary for your business, we absolutely will not hesitate to protect your business interests.

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